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Reading with Impact 

Who is it for?

The Total Words App is for teachers, students, school managers and parents to use for reading practice, catch-up reading, topic research, classroom guided reading, fast-progress individual interventions, assessing class reading behaviours and targeting reading resources to where they are needed and have an impact.

I'm a Teacher

What does the Total Words App do for me?

  • Provides immediate data on student performance that can be used to plan individual and group programmes for progress

  • Highlights words that students need to learn

  • Lets you share evidence of student achievements with parents

  • Lets you know where additional resources can be used most effectively and where they are not required

I'm a Parent

What does the Total Words App do for me?

  • Lets you know what words your child can read

  • Lets you celebrate your child’s daily achievements

  • Lets you share interesting topic details that your children are reading

  • Helps you see what it takes for your child to convert unknown words into known ones

  • Helps you to be confident that you are supporting your child's learning – (parents don’t need to ‘teach’ a specific way of learning to read)

  • You will see the impact of regularly reading a high number of words each day

Changing the way we can do reading


Without Total Words

  • Reading is delivered in groups with others of similar skill level.

  • Children making slower progress have more repeat phonic sessions.

  • Children are assigned reading books selected for ‘their level’.

  • Slow progress may be addressed through additional reading sessions with a TA, depending on availability.

  • Children read every 3rd, 4th, 5th page of a book depending on the number of children in their group.

  • Progress is assessed by formal assessments e.g. word lists, phonic assessments.

With Total Words

  • Teachers and students have immediate feedback on reading accuracy, words learnt each day, each week

  • Progress is based on positive practices - reading more words, reading words correctly, reading for meaning, repeated reading of whole books

  • Reading programmes are  geared for maximum individual progress based on precise information – what progress each child can achieve not what they have achieved so far

  • Data shows what impact each reading session is having

  • Teaching assistants have specific outcomes based on robust data e.g. Alice will read a minimum of 250 words a day this week

Screen Shot 2024-06-14 at 14.19.36.png

For students

What does the Total Words App do?

  • Tells students how many words they have read, how many words they know and how long it takes to read each book they select

  • Let’s students describe exactly what progress they have achieved in reading sessions (eg. what they have been able to do today that they could not do yesterday)

  • Builds confidence by showing what progress is being made, day-by-day, week-by-week

  • Keeps a record of the total number of words read each week

  • Shows what effect more practices have on the number of words read, the number of new words learnt, reading speed and accuracy

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