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If at first you don’t succeed… don’t try and try again

If at first you don’t succeed, find out what will succeed. If, at first, a child has not made progress in reading, find out what will make progress for them.

And it probably won’t be doing more of the same strategies that have already failed: doing more, doing it again doesn’t make sense.

But how do we know what will work? Answer: we don’t.

Despite tests and experts, specialists and measures, names that describe problem, we don’t know what will work. But we can find out. We can learn how to make efficient learning for any child.

To learn what will work for any child, we need a system that gives us data on the many factors that we know impact on learning.

A system for progress, replaces interventions to ‘address needs’. Progress is measured daily and weekly, we can measure the impact of learning process factors. There are no delays, no ‘finding the cause’, no training, no need for analysis of the problem, simply the getting on with reading, learning and understanding day-by-day what works.

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